Worried about your Hotel Crockeries & Vegetables?

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Do you know the similarity between iPhone and Orangekitch? They look simple and easy to operate, but the backend mechanism is beyond complexity. 😀

Yes, Orangekitch (A Division of Orange Spectrum) has been evolving for the last 12 years for the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurants, and Catering) equipments, and they’ve been designing exactly how they operate; in fact, the equipment doesn’t just sync but also enhances your operating system. Year on year, we invest in our research and development to give you the finest storage solutions.

The rubber-coated mesh wire storages are ideal for your expensive crockeries like plates, coffee mugs, and bowls. Our engineering is precise and customized for you. Now store your potatoes and onions on a FIFO basis with our vegetable storage solutions.

Just call us today and let us worry about your crockeries and vegetables. Upgrade your storage solutions with Orange Kitch. Explore the wide range of qualitative solutions.

Orange Spectrum is one the leading hotel kitchen manufacturers of India. Call now or enquire for all kind of HORECA equipments , Hotel Kitchen Shelves & Storage.