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Since 1988, Orange Spectrum has focused on the infinite possibilities from mesh-wire, and since then, we've been expertise in its minutest detail, performance, reaction and acid- testing.

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Our technical expertise and serving the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Caterers) industry have improved our products to their most exemplary application. Our sole purpose is to provide solutions to the commercial catering & professional kitchen industry by providing deeply researched and tested products that make them efficient, productive and organized.

We've primarily focused on the struggling issues of managing inventory, storage, organizing and transporting goods, vegetables, fruit, crockery etc.

Our various products have been specially customized for you, like plates, cups & bowls racks, baskets, stacks, crockery storage solutions, Vegetable trolleys and shelves. So do visit our website for more of our products range. We've more than 210+ SKUs and serve more than 250 Clients. And that's why we're the most preferred supplier in India.

Let our the state–of–the–art infrastructure and super-skilled teamwork for your backend need and bring delight to your front-end. 🙂 As we say, Organized inside, Smart Outside.


Fast facts: Finnish Design Shop

What makes a person happy? If you really want to know, ask someone living in the Nordic countries. After all, we’re the happiest people in the world – and we have studies to back that up*. So go ahead: ask. “What makes us happy?”

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