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Onion Potato Trolley – Mesh Wire

This stainless steel onion potato trolley is specially designed under the guidelines of FIFO stock rotation system. The trolley is designed in such a way that the soonest best before or use-by dates onions and potato will be consumed first. Hence this trolley maximizes freshness and minimizes waste.

The rodent proof construction of this mesh wire trolley will help you prevent mice and other pests from creeping into places they don’t belong.

The open construction makes sure that onion & potatoes give maximum airflow thus preventing them from spoilage.

The heavy duty PU wheels keeps the trolley easy to move anywhere you want to. The onion potato trolley is a must have for any commercial kitchen to make their kitchen efficient.

S.S Finish

S.S 202 & S.S 304

Available for 50 kgs ,100 kgs ,150 kgs , 200 kgs

Storage of Onion and Potatoes in large quantity in hotels , restuarants , banquets , Mess & Hospitals

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Product Details


Technical Information

Size of the Trolley|Capacity Size Capacity
15 x 15 x 30 50Kgs
24 x 24 x 30 100 Kgs
36 x 24 x 30 180 Kgs
48 x 24 x 30 250 Kgs
48 x 36 x 30 400 Kgs
Available Grade S.S 202 , S.S 304
Available Shelf Also available with partition
S.S Variant Available in S.S 202 , S.S 304