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5 Tier Vegetable Trolley

The Vegetable stackable trolleys are ideal way to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh and ready to prepare at a moment’s notice! As all the baskets are stackable on one another it provides you maximum storage capacity with minimum space consumptions. It open design promotes airflow throughout the basket to prevent spoilage. By allowing all vegetables & fruits to “breathe”, they stay at their peak freshness for a longer period of time, reducing the amount of food thrown away due to spoilage. Safely store your fresh fruits and vegetables for extended periods of time with this amazing product.

S.S Finish

S.S 202 & S.S 304

Available for 100 kgs ,150 kgs , 200 kgs

Storage of Vegetables in large quantity in hotels , restuarants , banquets , Mess & Hospitals

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Product Details


Technical Information

Size of the Trolley|Capacity Size Capacity
14 x 12 x 60 (12 x 5) 100 Kgs
S.S Variant Available in S.S 202 , S.S 304