if it would have been a standard product, we’d have been a millionaire and would be chilling on a beach. However, As the hotel industry and service is elevating, our innovation has to keep the pace with it. We’ve been working consistently on the improvisation of our products based on the utility, integration of new technology and raw meterials so that you get the right storage solutions for your back end. The best part is that we’ve mastered on Stainless Steel Mesh wire.

Many of them asks us that do we’ve plastic crates, however, there are lot of drawbacks of plastic and in long term, its expensive than SS and lesser hygiene and aesthetic due to the immediate scratches over it. Moreover, you can have the rubber coating plastic effect on steel mesh wire but can’t have the steel effect on the plastic mesh wire. The Steel equipments looks classy and makes your kitchen looks cleaner and in symmetry.

Our innovation team has curated many such products form Meshwire, Orange Spectrum has also created a smart trolley for supermarts and glass bottle milk creates too.

Call now for your industrial storage solutions, we’d love to explore and discuss about your storage and transport issues.